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My Love For Motor Sports And What An OHV Club Could Do For Northeastern South Dakota

My love for the sport began way back when I was a child and my parents would let me ride in front of them on the snowmobile or motorcycle. My love for the sport grew as I got older and began riding Street and dirt bikes, snowmobiles, go carts, four wheelers, and anything else with a motor. By the time I was in high school I developed a passion for the sport just as I did for hunting. When my accident happened, I thought I would never get to enjoy the sport again. I thought there was no way it would be possible, but as life has shown me many times, those things that seem and we think are impossible really are not and are just a technical problem. If you want it bad enough, are determined enough to work hard to get it, and never lose hope you can achieve the impossible.

My decision to start a club mainly stemmed from trying to find other people to go with and would assist me in my quest. However, as time has gone on I recognize the deep need for a club in Northeast South Dakota, what it will do for the community, what the club can achieve, and is a way to show the that there is enough interest in sport to for trails.

A club in Northeast South Dakota will speak with one voice for a larger group, increasing its effectiveness when working with elected officials and land managers. Local presence and knowledge of specific areas and situations allow for credible and constructive comments on land management issues and legislation. Elected officials and local units of government listen to their constituents. The more constituents an organization represents, the closer elected officials listen.

Clubs also serve as a contact point for land managers, elected officials, the media, other organizations and OHV-oriented businesses needing local information or having important information to share.

A clubs standing in the community is vitally important and depends largely upon the conduct of its members and club activities.

A club can promote responsible outdoor ethics and safety to improve both opportunity and the image of OHV activity. The better educated the OHV public is about rules, regulation, natural and cultural resources, land ethics, and safe operation of their vehicles the better we will be perceived.

Peer pressure within and outside of the club can be a powerful influence on the conduct of other OHV enthusiasts.

The image of OHV recreation is further enhanced by community service and charity efforts. A club can sponsor volunteer activities that benefit good causes and provide desirable services to the community. Respect within the community and personal satisfaction are natural returns from coordinating or participating in:

• Trail maintenance,

• Clean-up days,

• Safety training,

• Search and Rescue programs,

• Volunteer trail patrol and trail host programs,

• Youth and at-risk youth diversion programs, and

• Charity fund raising activities.

Group discounts at local dealerships, accessory shops, other businesses and attractions are often available to club members. The same business interests may also be willing to support the club or club activities by purchasing ads in newsletters, paying for their name to be included on activity flyers and event t-shirts, providing discount coupons for event participants, providing in-kind donations such as printing, equipment or food items, and offering prizes.

And, best of all, a club provides camaraderie and fun through excursions, family events, and other activities.


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